I am a young graphic designer born and raised in good old Pennsylvania. I believe in solving problems through design, and bringing a project to completion based on a strategic concept, consistency and attention to detail. The thrill of taking an idea from sketchbook to the printer or the internets is what keeps me going!

Feel free to say hi or learn a little more about me. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Instagram.
I recently returned from an exhilarating, nerve-wracking, life-changing decision to spend a year traveling the US (and a bit of Southeast Asia). After graduating with a Bachelor of Design from Penn State in 2015, I wanted to dive into freelancing while simultaneously getting to know the world around me a little better.

On top of freelancing and seeing something new everyday, my boyfriend and I decided to start a blog to document our cross-country adventure called Two Sided Travels. A learning experience all on its own, the blog gave me an outlet to practice my code, design, copy, and photography skills.

After gaining a ton of inspiration from my travels, I’m ready to take on a more corporate setting within a like-minded design team!